Student Spotlight

Susan Dell Talks with Dell Young Leaders

Four Dell Young Leaders pose with Susan Dell after a conversation to mark 10 years of the programme's operation

“You’ve already achieved so much, but you’re just getting started.” Susan Dell shared this sentiment with a group of Dell Young Leaders in South Africa earlier this year. And from what we’ve seen from each and every one of our Dell Young Leaders over the first 10 years, she’s absolutely right.

It’s no secret that getting through university and on to meaningful employment is a challenge in South Africa today, where only two in five low-income students will complete their degrees. Our work with the Dell Young Leaders programme aims to give university students a chance to not only complete their degrees, but to also be an example for their peers and communities as they take the next step to a meaningful career.

And as we welcomed our 10th class of Dell Young Leaders into the programme earlier this month, we were met with a group of 120+ new students who are eager, driven, and ready to realize their potential. While their stories are all unique, the one thing they share is their commitment to working hard to shape their next chapter.

Students like Vinolia, whose grandfather emphasized the importance of her education, leading her to pursue a degree in social work. And Ellen, who is setting an example for her hometown by not only attending but succeeding at university. Kamvelihle, who as a first-generation law graduate is seizing the opportunity to inspire others. And Sitha, who reminds us that no matter where you come from, your dreams are still valid.

And, to think, they’re just getting started.

Watch this video to hear more from Dell Young Leaders Vinolia, Ellen, Kamvelihle, and Sitha.